IAN 'HYDEON' FERGUSON: The New Body In Transit

IAN 'HYDEON' FERGUSON: The New Body In Transit

Opening Reception Saturday, September 3, 2016 from 6 - 10pm

Maxwell Colette Gallery is excited to also open on Saturday, September 3rd 'The New Body in Transit' featuring new work from Brooklyn-based Ian Ferguson aka HYDEON. This is the artist second solo show with the gallery, and follows his ambitious solo installation 'Mass Contemplation' in 2014 and his curation of the group show 'The Ballasted Frequencies' in 2015.

'The New Body in Transit' is a reaction to Ferguson's first year and half living and working in New York City. The artist says that his art practice has largely become a source of therapy after having been diagnosed with bi polar disorder in his early 20's. In his words the process of making work exemplifies his "mental states and spiritual evolution within himself."

Ferguson continues: "the work in this series is often times both manic and calculated." The artist springboards from different mediums and techniques as he searches to find himself within the work. Some of the work is simple and some of the work Is complex and disorderly. Ferguson concludes that it "is a body of work that encapsulates my inner conflicts, desires, struggles with depression, relationships, responses to world conflict, and observations of everyday life in NYC."

Ian Ferguson (aka HYDEON) is a contemporary artist, designer, and print maker living and working in Brooklyn, New York. He was born in National City, California in 1985 and grew up in San Diego receiving his BA in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of California there in 2006. His art has been featured in Hi Fructose Magazine, Op Magazine, Time Out Chicago and numerous other publications. In 2012 Ferguson was selected as a Chicago Cultural Society Featured Artist for Chicago Artists Month. In 2013 he won the RedBull Canvas Cooler competition in Chicago and exhibited work with RedBull Curates at SCOPE in Miami. His work explores a sandbox of curiosities through the lens of his life experience.

Email gallery@maxwellcolette.com for the listing of available work.